Top 7 CBD Product Brands in Europe

By November 29, 2019Articles, CBD

We’ve done some extensive research to compile our list of some of the top CBD product brands in Europe. CBD is all the rage, and the hype is warranted. Users report profound increases in measures of everyday stress, feelings of well-being, and even confidence. These effects can change your life in powerful ways. That being said, we decided to explore the best of the best: what brands bring the miracle of CBD to consumers in the most effective ways possible?

  1. Canzon CBD – Top Choice

While Canzon is not without room to improve, it is second to none in the European CBD market. This full-spectrum CBD oil is sourced from natural MCT oil and sustainable, organic Swiss hemp and packed with a full range of flavonoids and terpenes. With excellent customer service, third-party quality verification, its somewhat lackluster packaging belies the true, trusted quality beneath the surface.

The mellow, mild flavor makes Canzon an intuitive choice for individuals just starting on their CBD voyage. Canzon’s straightforward and candid business model also helps new CBD users feel taken care of; because they are. With oil, balm, and e-liquid options, you can find the form of CBD that best suits your needs.

  1. ECS® Gold Drops – Unique Formula

Produced by London-based N.V. Biotech and ISO-certified, this CBD brand boasts a mix of both CBD and CBG, which is another cannabinoid reputed to complement and enhance the effects of CBD. ECS Gold Drops are sourced from non-GMO hemp, and the taste is light and palatable.

  1. Endoca Raw Hemp – The Raw Option

Endoca is one of the oldest purveyors of European CBD. With worldwide shipping, it’s also one of the easier-to-deal-with suppliers. The taste is slightly bitter, and the packaging isn’t anything to write home about, but the raw form of the hemp means that the product has maintained many vitamins, CBD strains, and fatty acids. It’s not a good place for beginners to start, but for purists, it’s an interesting option.

  1. Nordic Oil – Pharmacy-Approved

As one of Europe’s most popular CBD and cannabis brands, some Nordic Oil products have been approved by pharmacies in Germany. Sourced from Denmark hemp, this CBD oil offers a fairly well-balanced formula consisting of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp seed oil, hemp extract, natural terpenes, and vitamin E oil. It might lack some customer care options or a mild flavor, but it’s worthwhile to consider.

  1. Sensi Seeds – Good Taste

For individuals who dislike the smell or taste of hemp but want the health perks of cannabinoids, Sensi Seeds is a decent option. While the concentration of CBD in some of their products is quite low, it’s still a cost-effective option, once you consider price and oil volume. The coconut taste and healthy fats bring their unique benefits. They also have some food oil choices that may spark the interest of beginning hemp users.

  1. Essenz CBD – Specialised Extraction Process

This Poland-based company specializes in the micronization of raw plant materials for a high-quality extraction process. However, their product is only available in one strength (5%) and Polish-language packaging. Their website is available in German, Polish, and English.

  1. Reakiro CBD – Good Customer Service

While Reakiro is a relatively young and inexperienced supplier of CBD products, it strives to make up for its age with a reputation for excellent customer service. This allows the customer to choose what exactly works best for them. The entire online shopping experience is tailored to you, from product selection to checkout. With full control of its CBD production process, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and free shipping around the EU, it’s a brand to watch.

Final Thoughts

While Canzon CBD products took top place on our list for several reasons, from reputation to CBD quality, it’s up to each individual to determine what they need from a CBD supplier. Do your research and decide which brand best meets your needs. Above all else, take pride in the fact that you’re starting your CBD journey: CBD is, quite simply, one of the best ways you can care for your everyday well-being.

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