A short introduction to CBD edibles

By November 28, 2019Articles, CBD

Edibles are a famous type of cannabis product that offers an experience quite unlike other consumption methods, such as smoking, vaping and oils. Because the compounds in non-intoxicating CBD edibles are absorbed differently and more slowly than in these products, they stay active for much longer, which translates to more therapeutic relief from a single dose.

The slower absorption rate means CBD isn’t activated in the body immediately, so they aren’t great if you need instantaneous benefits, but if you want the effects all day or all night, edibles are the perfect CBD product.

3 reasons to take CBD edibles

All of CBD’s benefits are obtainable from edibles, but the effects of these products could be particularly helpful for the following three reasons.

Chronic pain relief

This form of pain tends to never subside, so for CBD to work, the cannabinoids need to be constantly active. The extended effects of edibles are, therefore, excellent. And as there’s no threat of overdose or dependence, you can easily increase your dose if required, without the risk of addiction. This is a stark difference to opioid painkillers, which are notorious for getting users hooked.

Immune system health

You need a strong immune system to fight off viruses and other external effects. But an overactive immune system response can be your own worst enemy, sabotaging even, causing rampant inflammation and possibly autoimmune disease.

Cannabinoid therapy for immune system health is an emerging trend, with scientists identifying a close association with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). In a sense, CBD doesn’t just regulate your ECS, but your immune system, too.


If you can’t sleep or are waking in the night due to pain or another bothersome ailment, a CBD edible could do the trick more effectively than a dose of CBD flower or e-liquid.

A great night’s sleep thanks to edibles will help with mental and physical fatigue. But more importantly perhaps, CBD may increase the length of time you spend in deep sleep. This is the most restorative phase of sleep and is linked to reducing the risk of neurodegenerative illness.

Getting the right dosage

Taking CBD edibles is pretty much risk-free, especially in comparison to psychoactive THC edibles. The body can cope with large concentrations of CBD and is completely non-psychoactive, so overconsumption or a double dose isn’t as much of an issue. That said, for financial reasons, there’s no point consuming more CBD than you need to!

Firstly, just because you may have used other CBD products doesn’t mean you’ll need the same dosage with edibles. You might find that a considerably lower dose is enough to give you the necessary relief. Therefore, start with a small amount, and give the edible at least 120 minutes (two hours) to kick in. If you aren’t feeling the effects strongly enough, then take a second dose.

Some users like to keep a record of the CBD edible doses they take, in an attempt to find the sweet spot. You may want to try this if you are struggling to get an accurate dose. Manufacturers tend to provide some dosage guidelines on products, but ultimately, everyone is affected uniquely by CBD because of independent variables like weight, size, and speed of metabolism.


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