New Texas Store, MINERAL, Forges the Way for CBD Wellness Products in Austin

By November 15, 2019Articles, CBD

On the Camille Styles website, a write posted an article last year about a wellness company MINERAL titled “If You’re as Curious About CBD as We Are, Read This.” The article explained that CBD benefits people. It cited the fact that the human body produces CBD in breast milk for the nourishment of newborn babies.

However, some people do not distinguish between the CBD (cannabidiol) and the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) parts of a cannabis plant where psychotropics are concerned. Even the Federal Drug Administration holds onto misconceptions about CBD and still erroneously classifies CBD as a Schedule I drug. And as a Schedule I drug, CBD cannot be acquired legally for research purposes.

Even so, stated the article, word is getting around that CBD can treat particular health problems. Post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and pain can all be relieved with CBD. Even epileptic seizures come to a complete stop with the administration of CBD. Proof of its efficacy on epileptic seizures has been captured on video.

People are waking up to the mental and physical benefits of CBD, and things are changing. CBD is now legal in some states, most commonly the states where hemp is grown.

Per the article, CBD can be found in the following forms:

  • lotions
  • creams
  • topicals
  • facial serums
  • inhalers
  • oil tinctures
  • additive in food and drinks
  • pet lines
  • dog treats

The public started to let go of its CBD anxiety a few years ago. In response, Harris Fazlani and Matthew “Mills” Miller founded online wellness store MINERAL to supply CBD anxiety products to fill the hot new demand.

Since then, CBD anxiety treatments have become more commonplace, and the CBD product industry has continued to soar. Business has been excellent for MINERAL. Miller decided to add a physical presence for the store and, on March 14, 2019, opened the first MINERAL Concept Store at 1105 E. Sixth St. in Austin, Texas.

MINERAL grows, cultivates, and formulates hemp products. CBD products now sometimes include scents that help them fulfill their intended purposes. MINERAL manufactures and markets products like BALANCE, SLEEP, RECOVERY, and MAISON.

BALANCE is a tincture in a 1000 mg dropper bottle with a 3:2 cannabinoid-to-terpene blend. Its purpose is to elevate one’s mood and mindset. It smells of jasmine, rosemary, and raspberry, which calm its users.

SLEEP is a tincture in a 1500 mg dropper bottle. This product helps you fall into a deep, refreshing sleep. It is created with a combination of CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids, plus myrcene and other terpenes. Scents of California pine and cedarwood help you relax.

RECOVERY is a tincture in a 2000 mg dropper bottle with a 1:1 terpenes-to-cannabinoids blend. It promotes recovery, sleep, and balance. RECOVERY also lifts the mood and relieves stress. Amino acids and active enzymes in this product balance the full-spectrum blend, enhancing overall wellness. RECOVERY also activates the endocannabinoid system, and it works immediately. This beneficial tincture has a distinctive scent of pine.

MAISON is a CBD-infused salve that is sold in a two-ounce jar. This salve revives sore muscles and reduces inflamed skin. It is a blend of terpenes and cannabinoids and has a fragrance that includes hints of mint, sandalwood, and sage.

Miller says that the Sixth Street store is more than a marketing gimmick that shows off and sells its CBD products. He calls the store a “cannabis community center” that reflects the trend back toward plant-based wellness. Miller envisions the center as a place that will educate the public about the benefits of CBD. He also wants to host different events there that have to do with plant-based wellness.


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