Lowell Farms, A Cannabis Cafe To Unwind and Eat Good

By September 23, 2019Articles, CBD

The cannabis industry has brought forth many new inventions and products since it’s legalization in the state of California. Marijuana infused products and such as edibles are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to food and cannabis. The newly opened Lowell’s Farms Cannabis Café in West Hollywood, California has changed the industry with their gastropub inspired restaurant and cannabis bar. The world of marijuana and fine dining will never be the same.


The Lowell Farms Cannabis Café is the first legal cannabis café in the United States. Yep, that’s right, the new Lowell’s Café offers a unique and one of a kind experience for all cannabis lovers. Located in the trendy area of West Hollywood, the Lowell’s café features a world-class fine dining area along with an exquisite roof top lounge and shop. The inside and outside decor of the café show off some of their best features, plants. Like that of a living forest, the plants dangle from the walls and ceiling as the dimly lit lights bring life to the seating area. The Lowell’s cannabis brand of products exploded onto the marijuana scene with the release of their Coachella based strains in 2017. Since their debut, they have added a full line of edibles, cannabis concentrates and intoxicating prerolls.

Their noteworthy “dab bar” features a variety of potent cannabis concentrates and flowers. Among their list of cannabis concentrates is the highly talked about cold-pressed cannabis oil. The oil is completely 100% organic, something that is rarely found on the cannabis market. Most concentrates are either created with solvents such as butane or other chemicals, but Lowell’s cannabis oil stands alone. Lowell’s Farms grows natural, organic cannabis that is pesticide free. The oil is created with frozen flowers instead of dried. A water hashing method is strategically used to naturally extract the oil from the plant. The pure and clean flavor profile reflects the care put into creating the cannabis concentrate. The cannabis bar also features tasty edibles and flowers. Anyone over 21 years or older can buy their cannabis products. The café stays open until 2am, but cannabis purchases are available made before the last call at 9:50 pm. Other great features of the café are the designated smoking areas and the table side flower service.


The Cannabis Café isn’t just for those that love cannabis, it’s also for those that love food. Andrea Drummer, the executive chef extraordinaire, creates unique dishes that compliment the cannabis inspired theme. While the food dishes don’t have THC or CBD infused in them, they are carefully created and paired with cannabis in mind. Just as chefs prepare food that compliments with a certain flavor of wine, chef Drummer does the same with cannabis flavors. Many of Drummer’s cannabis inspired recipes are in her book titled “Cannabis Cuisine: The Art of Cooking with Marijuana.” The restaurant serves fresh ingredients and have a rustic farm-to-table style atmosphere. The versatile restaurant allows for non-smokers to have their own designated patio area as well. After your dinner service has finished, the restaurant/cannabis bar allows customers to buy cannabis on site. Get the experience and high of a lifetime by visiting Lowell’s Cannabis Café.

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