MINERAL Brings New Paradigm of Wellness to Austin, Texas

By August 7, 2019Articles

Starting in 1906 and culminating with a nearly countrywide ban by the mid-1930s, the history of cannabis, the plant from which both hemp and smokable marijuana are derived, has been long and fraught.

While there is some debate as to why this astonishingly versatile, useful, and highly therapeutic plant was ultimately banned for decades, most historians agree that the plant’s consignment to illegality was largely due to its multifarious and potent uses. It turns out that many powerful interests, from drug companies to paper producers, simply didn’t want a plant around that could cheaply and effectively undermine their vast empires.

The long and wasteful banishment of cannabis to the criminal netherworld is, thankfully, coming to a rapid end. In Austin, Texas, this is currently most visible in the grand opening of MINERAL, a store that sells hemp-based CBD oil, a potent alkaloid of the cannabis plant that has a stunning array of medicinal properties.

The recent piece of legislation that was signed into law by Governor Greg Abott allows for the production and sale of hemp-based products throughout the state. This terminology may confuse many people. But it simply means that only strains of cannabis that contain less than approximately .3 percent THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that causes users to experience a high, will be permitted for production and sale within the state.

Although Texas’ new law that legalizes hemp products does not allow for the smokable form of the plant to be produced and sold, hemp-based CBD oil has all of the same properties as CBD oil that is extracted from marijuana, which is any strain of the cannabis plant that contains significant proportions of THC.

This means that the full range of CBD oil products and their powerful therapeutic properties are now both fully legal and readily available to all Austin residents.

As a result of the cannabis plant long being classified at both the state and federal level as a dangerous drug, medical research into the many powerful alkaloids of the plant and their salutary effects was simply blacked out for decades.

It is becoming increasingly clear that doing so was a serious mistake. Luckily, that error is being rectified, with more states than ever allowing various forms of the cannabis plant and, especially, its bioactive components like CBD oil to be studied and used by consumers.

CBD oil is probably the second most famous alkaloid of the cannabis plant. Unlike its notorious cousin, THC, it has very few psychoactive properties. This means that users of CBD oil will not experience a high from using it. Crucially, it also means that those who use pure CBD oil for its medicinal properties will only experience minimal side effects, if any, allowing them to largely go about their days as usual.

The list of conditions for which CBD oil is currently being explored as an alternative treatment are so long that it is not possible to list them all. However, some of the most prevalent mental health issues and physical ailments have shown extremely promising responses to the use of CBD oil. These include:

  • mood disorders like anxiety and depression.
  • pain from neuropathic, psychosomatic, and traumatic causes.
  • symptoms stemming from cancer and side effects of treatment.
  • acne and other serious skin disorders.

Many studies have also strongly suggested a beneficial effect of CBD oil on heart health, as well as the treatment of mild dementia. With the opening of MINERAL, Austinites now have a powerful alternative to the parasitic greed of Big Pharma.


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