Everything You Need To Know About Hemp Oil for Hair and Nails

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Hemp Oil for Hair and Nails

Hemp oil for hair and nails isn’t just for hippies anymore! This amazing, all-natural supplement is showing up in health and beauty departments all across the country —places like Diamond Hemp. And not because it gets you high. Hemp oil doesn’t come from marijuana. Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds. It can be used on its own or in beauty products to improve the overall health of your hair, skin, and nails.

By now, you’ve probably heard about how hemp oil easily removes makeup, even clears away pimples, but don’t think that’s the limit to what hemp can do for you. Have you considered hemp oil for hair yet? Because hemp oil is packed to the gills with vitamins, minerals, and proteins – not to mention all those essential fatty acids that make hair shine. All of these compounds work together to make hemp oil one of the most powerful health boosts you can give to your hair.

Hemp Oil Will Breathe New Life Into Your Hair

With all its vitamins, hemp oil for hair and nails will really bring out the best in your hair. It contains both B1 and B3 vitamins to support the natural health cycles of your hair. There’s also Vitamins A and D in there to stimulate hair follicles and get hair growing healthy again. But more than all of its vitamins, even more than its rich calcium content, hemp oil is one of your best sources for essential fatty acids.

Fatty acids are what you need if you want shiny, healthy hair. Hemp’s fatty acid profile is better than both fish oil and flaxseed because hemp oil is naturally rich in omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 fatty acids. With all three essential fatty acids working for you, there’s absolutely nothing else you could take today that would make your hair shinier.

Why Are Fatty Acids Essential to Hemp Oil for Hair and Nails?

Besides that natural shine, hemp oil for hair and nails has the power to bring your hair back to its original resilient strength. And that’s all thanks to essential fatty acids. The lipids and fats automatically bind to each strand of your hair to add moisture and bring out that natural shine. Fatty acids won’t weigh your hair down either, which means you get all the shine without any greasy side effects.

The fatty acids in hemp oil for hair also strengthen even the most fragile strands. When the fats attach to the strands of your hair, they treat each one to a special kind of moisturizing boost. Hemp is able to penetrate into the root of your hair and strengthen it from the inside out. Your hair will visibly have more bounce and body. You might also start to feel your hair grow thicker and stronger. This is normal. It’s just a natural perk of using hemp oil every time you wash your hair!

Hemp oil for hair and nails will actually help your hair grow stronger when you use it correctly. It’s safe to use every time you wash your hair, but make sure you’re using hemp oil before you shampoo. Gently massage hemp oil into your scalp and hair and let it soak for ten minutes. Then shampoo as you normally would. Feel free to use a moisturizing shampoo if you suffer from especially dry hair. But you’ll most likely never use a conditioner again once you add hemp oil for hair to your routine.

Hemp Oil for Hair and Nails Will Protect Your Scalp

On top of the vitamins and fatty acids, proteins are the best part of using hemp oil for hair. Hemp oil for hair and nails comes with 10 amino acids that are all essential for building healthy protein. Why does that matter? Because your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. When your hair or scalp gets damaged, whether it’s from a sunburn or a new dye job, it’s the keratin that takes the brunt of it. But by using hemp oil for hair, you can build those proteins back up again and protect yourself and your scalp against future damage.

When you apply hemp oil topically, it will also stimulate blood circulation. Keeping your blood flowing is not only important to hair growth but it’s also the key to having a healthy scalp. If you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, hemp oil for hair can help. It stimulates the blood flow on the top of your head, which reduces the inflammation that’s commonly behind an itchy, dry scalp. This will deter dandruff too but also keeps scalp infections away by returning your body to its natural, healthy cycle.

It’s Time To Grow Stronger Nails With Hemp Oil for Hair and Nails

We’re talking so much about the natural benefits of hemp oil for hair and nails that we almost forgot what hemp oil can do for your nails! If you’re looking for an all-natural nail repair kit or at-home manicure routine, hemp oil is your best best. All of the vitamins and minerals in hemp oil that make your hair grow will help your nails grow, too.

You can grow stronger nails with hemp oil because they’re made of keratin, the same protein that’s found in your hair. Fingernails are just the hardened form of keratin, and the zinc and iron in hemp oil will keep that keratin firm and strong. Those elements also stop fingernails from growing into distorted-looking spoon shapes, which can have a negative effect on their strength and make them more likely to break.

To use hemp oil for nails, apply the oils directly to your cuticles and massage it into your nails until it’s absorbed. The fact that hemp oil is a natural humectant pays off here. Humectant means that hemp oil can penetrate into the skin and between the cells instead of just moisturizing the top layer. This is great news for your fingernails. Hemp oil can penetrate through the nail, binding with the keratin, and strengthening the fingernail from within.

But don’t stop with your hands! Look down at the two things that have been holding you up all day. It’s high time you treated your feet to a special hemp oil pedicure. Your toenails will thank you, too.

There are select hemp body scrubs out there that are perfect for this occasion. So give your toes a soak and some extra attention this weekend. You can massage a Hemp Butter Scrub into nails and cuticles to soften and strengthen, and these scrubs will give you the best of both worlds by soothing any rough parts on your feet too.

If you haven’t added hemp to your beauty routine yet, hemp oil for hair (and nails!) is a great place to start. It’s the easiest way to give your body one of the best health boosts it can have. The gentle mixture of hemp’s wonderful health benefits will have you looking and feeling your best in no time. Because hemp oil for hair and nails works naturally with our bodies to bring out our hair’s own, natural beauty. And the more you use it, the better your hair and nails will start to look at and feel. Using hemp oil for hair and nails, like the kind you find at Diamond Hemp, isn’t just a one-time thing. Your hair will continue to grow stronger as long as you continue to use hemp oil, and you won’t have to worry about breaking a nail, either, as long as you’re using hemp oil every day.


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