Important Tips for Maintaining a Clean Grow Room

By October 10, 2018Articles
Maintaining a Clean Grow Room

There is no doubt you would want to end up with a tidy grow room as a marijuana cultivator. It is generally a good practice so that you can deliver on some good environment for your marijuana to grow. Having the disorganized and dirty grow can definitely lead to a wide range of problems which would take long to correct. So, it is always better for you to prevent them from happening in the first place.

So, what can you do to keep the room tidy?

You have to be clean to keep the room tidy

First of all, it starts with the grower. If you have your Cannabis Seeds ready, ou have to be clean before entering the grow room. It is advisable that you get to change the clothes before using it in the room. Sometimes you might even have to shower or simply clean the dirt off the body before getting into the room.

Another thing you have to do is cover the long hair. This will ensure that that no hair is left behind in the room. You also have to keep the hands clean while entering the room. This means that you avoid brining pathogens or pests into the room.

Keep your equipment clean

Well, you definitely have to consider keeping the equipment clean. Once you use an equipment, make sure to clean it before using it again. You can even have shelves in the room or adjacent where you get to store all the important equipment once you are done with them.

With an organized way of storing the equipment, you end up having an easy time getting the equipment later on.

Have the pots arranged tidily

It might seem like something people might overlook, but arranging the pots in neat rows ensures that you have them being easily accessible. The neat arrangement also means that the plants have an equal access to light. This is something good to ensure you always have a great time growing marijuana plants in the room.

Keep the room drained properly

Another thing you have to do is make sure that the room is drained properly. You should not allow water in the room to form pools or puddles. It might lead to some catastrophic issues such as having increased humidity levels. This as a result could even lead to cases of mold, fungus, and other related pathogens.

If you want to check out an easy to grow strain check out the stardawg cannabis seeds. Auto-flowering seeds cand also be an easier solution. You just have to make sure that the plants are getting the recommended water supply and that is it. Having too much water as part of irrigation can definitely prevent proper drainage. In the event there are some spills, you have to mop up as soon as it happens.

Always prune the plants

To end up with a tidy grow room, you also have to consider pruning the plants. This ensures that you get to remove the dead and drying leaves from the plants to keep them looking good. Also, it is worth noting that regular pruning is important to deliver on good plant growth. When it comes done well, it can definitely help in increasing the plant yield.

The removal of the dead and drying leaves is a common good practice. This is because having the dead plant or leaves can lead to cases of mold.

Keep an eye on the soil texture

Another thing you have to keep in mind should be the soil. Without the best soil, then you cannot expect to have the best yields. It is common to find many growers forgetting about their soil once the plants are all grown up. It is always important to check the soil texture so that you can get the important feedback about the soil.

An example is that when the soil has an excessive nutrient load, it will tend to have the top layer being hard. This is because even the bacterial growth has started to show. You can now break the soil so that you can have better aeration generally.

Make sure the water supply is always clean

Another thing for maintaining a good tidy environment is by keeping the water supply clean. This is essential to ensure that you end up growing high-quality cannabis all the time. It should also be part of your routine to have clean water pumped into the room. Contaminated water might lead to having pathogens introduced into the soil.

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