The Benefits of CBD Vape Oil

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Benefits of CBD Vape Oil

Is vaping good for you? If you’re just vaping for no reason, then it’s probably not doing you much good. But if you’re dealing with a particular medical condition or trying to quit smoking, vaping can be hugely beneficial to your health. What are the benefits of vaping? And, in particular, what are the benefits of CBD vape oil?

In order to answer these questions, we spoke with one of the experts at Diamond CBD, makers of a wide range of CBD products including two highly popular brands of CBD vape additives and vape pens, Liquid Gold and Chong’s Choice.

Here’s what they had to say about CBD vape oil, including its benefits and drawbacks.


The Benefits of CBD Vape Oil: How Does Vaping Actually Work?

The word “vape” is, of course, short for “vaporizing” — the act of turning a liquid into a gas. Dabbing CBD is another way using CBD vape oil, but in the case of dabbing the CBD goes from a solid to a liquid to a gas extremely quickly. The temperature where CBD becomes a vapor is between 160 and 180 degrees Celsius. When added to vape oil the CBD dissolves in the liquid. Then it vaporizes along with the oils being used in the vape formula.

A variety of oils can be used as the base for vape liquid. Some of the oils that are commonly used include vegetable glycerin, vegetable oils such as coconut oil, and essential oils such as peppermint oil and lavender. Vegetable glycerine is essentially a vegetable oil which has had the salts and other compounds removed leaving behind only the oil. Not all essential oils are safe in vaporizers, so don’t go experimenting. Stick with vape oils sold by reputable and popular brands such as our Liquid Gold and Chong’s Choice vape additives and pens.

In order to be vaporized the CBD vape oil needs to be heated. This is handled by a battery-powered heating element inside the vape pen. Some vape pens allow you to recharge the battery and you can buy replacement tanks for those or they can be refillable. There are also disposable vape pens which come fully charged and should have enough power to empty the tank. When it’s empty, you throw it away and break open a new one.


The Benefits of CBD Vape Oil: What Are The Benefits?

There are a number of benefits to CBD vape oil as opposed to using products such as tinctures, capsules, and edibles. The benefits fall into two categories — the benefits of using CBD, in general, and the benefits of using a vape pen rather than some other method of administration.

Two of the biggest benefits that come with vaping include a fast onset time and very high bioavailability.


The Benefits of CBD Vape Oil: Bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to the amount of a compound that makes its way into your bloodstream and becomes available to the rest of your body.

Each method of consumption has a particular range of bioavailability. Edibles, for example generally have a low bioavailability because only a small percentage of the CBD actually makes its way into the bloodstream.

The reason for this is that CBD, like oil, is hydrophobic. That means it doesn’t mix with water. Because of this, it can get trapped in fatty tissues within the digestive system making it unavailable to the rest of the body.

Tinctures have a somewhat higher bioavailability as the CBD can enter the bloodstream via the capillaries in the tissues inside the mouth, under the tongue.

With CBD vape oil, however, the gaseous CBD enters directly into the bloodstream via the lungs in much the same what that oxygen does. This means that it avoids the digestive system altogether.

To achieve one hundred percent bioavailability you’d have to inject pure CBD directly into your veins. Don’t do try this at home.

On the other end of the scale, edibles have a bioavailability as low as five percent and as high as twenty percent, depending on the product. CBD vape oil has a bioavailability of between thirty-five and fifty-five percent. So, short of intravenous administration, vaping is going to provide CBD users with the highest bioavailability.


The Benefits of CBD Vape Oil: High Bioavilability

One particular benefit of using a highly bioavailable method to consume CBD, like CBD vape oil is that it can save you money. CBD vape oil, or CBD vape additives are generally no more expensive than other CBD products on a grams-to-grams of CBD basis.

If you’re using a product which contains a thousand milligrams of CBD, half of that, give or take, is going to end up in your bloodstream, whereas if you add the same product to a batch of brownies as little as five percent of that might get used by your body. The price hasn’t changed, but the value has gone up from fifty milligrams — five percent of one thousand — to five hundred milligrams — fifty percent of a thousand. That’s an increase of a thousand percent, or ten times the value.

Just on a side note, there’s no need to take huge hits and hold your breath in an attempt to get as much CBD as possible. If you take a huge hit it can take as long as ten seconds for all the CBD to get absorbed. It’s better to take smaller hits and take more of them. When you inhale a small amount of CBD it generally gets absorbed right away.


The Benefits of CBD Vape Oil: The Conditions for Proper Vaping

In situations where you’re dealing with internal issues which rely on blood circulation such as pain or anxiety, vaping, again, because of its high bioavailability is ideal. But there are some cases where other methods might be a better choice.

CBD vape oil quickly makes its way to all areas of your body, but get spread thin, so to speak.

For example, if you’re dealing with skin conditions, regardless of its bioavailability, a topical cream is most likely going to be the most effective as it delivers the CBD where it’s needed.

If you’re dealing with stomach issues, capsules or candies such as CBD gummy bears which dissolve quickly, when taken on an empty stomach will deliver the contents directly to the stomach.

And if you’re dealing with intestinal issues CBD edibles such as baked goods, or CBD oil capsules taken with a meal are more likely to deliver CBD to your intestines.

No matter how you use CBD — as aCBD vape oil, oral, topical, or whatever — some of it will enter your bloodstream and find its way to the rest of your body.


The Benefits of CBD Vape Oil: How Fast Does It Work?

We call this “onset time.” This refers to the time it takes for an active compound to take effect. If you take a drug, for instance, and it takes an hour to provide any results, then the onset time is said to be one hour.

In addition to vaping providing the highest bioavailability, it also provides the fastest onset time — again, aside from intravenous injection.

Certain effects provided by CBD vape oil become evident virtually instantaneously when vaped — CBD vape oil enters the bloodstream pretty much immediately.

In comparison, the onset time of edibles can be anywhere from a half hour to an hour or more as it has to make its way through the digestive process before it can make its way into the bloodstream.

Although the effects begin immediately when vaping, the full effect may take a few minutes to peak.


The Benefits of CBD Vape Oil: Is Faster Better?

It depends on the case. Because vaping provides nearly instant effects, it’s ideal for fast-onset conditions such as panic attacks, PTSD, and anxiety in general, also for faster relief of pain. Oftentimes pain can strike suddenly. When this happens you’re not likely to take kindly to having to wait a half hour or more for edibles or capsules to kick in.

On the other hand, one downside of vaping is that it produces an up-and-down effect. It creates sudden rises in CBD blood levels. That’s great for treating sudden onset of pain or anxiety. But if you’re dealing with chronic, long-term pain or depression, for example, you might prefer to use something different than CBD vape oil that delivers the CBD more evenly over time, such as edibles, and consume them every four to six hours to maintain a more constant level of CBD in the blood.

The Benefits of CBD Vape Oil: Quitting Cigarettes

If you’re a cigarette smoker, there’s nothing you can do that would be more beneficial to your health than quitting. A lot of smokers are using CBD vape oil to help them quit.

There are two ways people get hooked on smoking cigarettes. First, the nicotine found in tobacco is one of the most highly addictive substances known to man. Withdrawal from nicotine, although not as bad as that of heroin or cocaine, can make you anxious and irritable, driving you to light up another butt to feel normal again. As it turns out, CBD vape oil has not only been shown to reduce anxiety and irritability that come with withdrawals, it also helps to regulate the brain’s reward circuits which are involved in addiction and actually reduce cravings.

Also, there’s the habit of smoking. Habits are powerful motivators. When you do something over and over and over again it becomes habitual. Just axing a long-running habit cold turkey, although it’s not considered an addiction, is still tough. Generally, you have to replace the habit with another habit. For instance, if you have a habit of holding your breath and breathing shallow every time you get anxious, you need to replace that habit with conscious deep breathing. And if you’re a smoker that wants to quit, you can replace that habit with vaping.

Another real beneficial side effect of vaping is that it forces you to consciously breathe in and out. Just this process of breathing has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety. You’re familiar with the idea of “breathing through it” when you have a sudden injury or anxiety. When people are anxious they often either subconsciously breathe very shallow or they feel like they lose their breath and begin breathing very quickly but still shallow. When you’re vaping, you’re breathing consciously and slowly in and out. This help to lower your pulse and blood pressure, slow your brain waves, focus your attention, and relax your body.



Thanks to Diamond CBD for their insights on this topic. The Diamond CBD website offers a full line of CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD creams, and CBD pet products, in addition to CBD vape oils and additives and disposable CBD vape pens. Check them out online and sign up for their newsletter to receive discount codes which can help you save money on CBD.

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