Cancer and Medical Marijuana: What are some of the Effective Strains?

By August 25, 2018Articles
cancer medical marijuana

Cancer is often the worst thing to happen to anyone. This is because it is still one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Without proper treatment of cancer, it is possible to end up dead. The number of cancer victims is always on the rise with more forms of cancer also arising.

Over the years, there has been an interesting claim that medical marijuana can come in handy in treating cancer. With many people losing their battle to cancer, those still alive are willing to try new ways. If you want to get the best of the best Symbiotic Highest quality CBD oil is a good choice.

Can you use marijuana for curing cancer?

When it comes to medical marijuana, the sector is quite booming. You get that it is possible to get many people recommending it for various conditions even cancer. The use of chemotherapy is often so aggressive to the human body. It is the reason you get that some people try to look for new methods.

Chemotherapy also leads to side effects such as nausea, vomiting, muscle pain and even headaches. No one wants to deal with such side effects all the time. As a result, you need to get medical marijuana for treating cancer.

The best thing about medical marijuana, you will not experience the same aggressive side effects. You can be sure to have an easy time coping with cancer once you switch to medical marijuana.

As much as there is the debate of whether marijuana can cure cancer, it has gone a long way to prove itself. There is a Harvard study that shows marijuana helps stop cancer from spreading. The case study was a Colorado man who had his cancer cured by using cannabis oil.

Effective Strains for Cancer Treatment

With the possibility of using medical marijuana for treatment, it is always important to know which strains to use. Not all the marijuana strains are good for cancer treatment. Below are the effective strains to opt for right now. Support for Epilepsy Awareness day!

  1. White Widow

This is a hybrid marijuana strain. The best part is that it comes with a good balance between sativa and indica compounds. As a result, you often find it being among the most popular strains in the world.

This strain is good when it comes to kill cancer. With many positive reviews of how it helped many cancer patients, you should feel comfortable using it. Many cancer patients have also reported feeling healthier after using it.

  1. Purple Hindu Kush

This strain is an indica marijuana strain. It is as a result of crossing Purple Afghan and Hindu Kush. You get that it is extremely beneficial when it comes to treating cancer, chronic pain, and depression. There is no doubt any patient will feel comfortable when it comes to using this kind of strain.

Keeping in mind that it has THC levels of up to 27%, you might feel high, but it is all worth it.

Since it has a good THC level, it is even considered for anxiety relief and deep relaxation. You should definitely feel comfortable when it comes to the overall use of the strain.

  1. Blue Dream

This is another good strain that you can use for cancer treatment. It is a sativa-dominant strain. Its parents are the Blueberry and Super Silver Haze strain. You will find that it has inherited 50/50 traits of each of the parent strains.

It is worth noting that it has low levels of CBD, so expect to get quite high when using it. With its properties, you get that it comes in handy for treating cancer, chronic stress, sleeping disorders, and depression.

  1. Blueberry

The Blueberry strain is an indica dominant marijuana strain. It is regarded as one of the most exquisite marijuana stains to exist at the moment. You will get that it is a potent strain as compared to some other strains on the market.

Since it comes with multiple medicinal properties, you get that it is good for cancer patients. You will always be in a position to enjoy its high and deal with cancer at the same time. Another thing you will like about the strain should be its smell and taste.

  1. ACDC

This marijuana strain is a balanced hybrid with 50:50 ratio of sativa and indica respectively. As a result, you should be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. This strain is also seen as being very good for those suffering from cancer. If you also suffer from immense pain, this is a nice option for you.

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