3 Things You Need to Know When Storing CBD Products

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storing cbd products

If your CBD tincture was made properly and stored well, it can practically survive indefinitely. Ideally, it will either degrade very little or sometimes not even at all. This is if you keep it in the best conditions it can be in and don’t disturb it. Unfortunately, your CBD brownie will spoil quickly no matter how great it was made if you don’t store it in good conditions.

The shelf life of a CBD product will depend on how it is stored, what it is to be used for, what ingredients were used, and how it was prepared. CBD hemp oil can usually put up against deterioration under comparable environments. It is the other ingredients you include with CBD products that are more sensitive, perishable and volatile when exposed to particular situations.

There are some things you need to remember when you want to buy Cannabis Oil Online. Responsible CBD users should know these.

Best Storage Method for CBD Products

Do you have edibles, cooking oil, balms, salves or tinctures infused with CBD? All of these will spoil if you expose them to too much oxygen, light or heat for long periods of time. To properly store your CBD products, you have to make sure to put them into environments where you can control these three elements well.

There are three things you need to remember when you store your products: sealed, dark and cool. The fridge is usually the best place to store your CBD products if you want to control the temperature and keep things cool. If you decide to keep your products refrigerated, their shelf lives will notably lengthen.

Now that we’ve got heat taken care of, let’s talk about oxygen and light. You need to keep your products in air-tight sealed containers to keep oxygen out. They also need to be opaque to prevent over exposure to light. When you purchase your CBD product from a retailer or dispensary, it will usually come with a package that is great for storing. This is a great reminder to not throw the original packaging away! If you want to move them to different containers, choose glass containers so your CBD products won’t be compromised.

The Problem with Storing CBD Edibles and Oil

So for the cannabinoids to not degrade, all you need to do is store it properly. Since all CBD products are not made the same way, it can have other ingredients that can make it expire much quicker.

Look at CBD edibles. Cooking oil usually lasts the longest, from months to years depending on storage. For hard candies and chocolates with CBD, they will usually last longer than baked edibles like pastries and breads.

Check the “Best Before” date when you buy a CBD product from a retailer or dispensary. You can also ask the attendant at the medical dispensary if they have any information on the product’s shelf life and how it should be stored.

Long Term Storage for CBD Products

Refrigerating is not the only thing you can do with your CBD products. You can even freeze them! This is a great method, particularly for cooking oils and butters.

With this technique, ice trays come in handy. You can pour the CBD cooking oil with herbs into the trays, or portion your CBD butters into the cubes. After that, it’s as simple as putting it in the freezer! You can even freeze pastries, breads and other baked CBD products so they won’t expire too soon.

When it comes to oral CBD products that last the longest, tinctures are number one on the list but Does CBD help you to sleep better? This is especially true if you store them using proper methods. Keep them in dripper bottles that come in blue or amber, then put them in the fridge or freezer.

Opt for tinctures that were distilled using pure alcohol instead of glycerins, because they last much longer.

Final Puff

When it comes to storing your CBD Crystals Isolate, there is one thing you need to remember. Keep them away from too much air, heat and light! This is if you want to keep them fresh and potent for as long as possible. Don’t forget to refrigerate or freeze them, too!

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