Manufacturing Masterpiece: The DaVinci IQ

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davinci iq

Dubbed as the world’s smallest precision vaporizer, the DaVinci IQ is one of the most intelligent vaping devices you’d ever come across. It’s the one of the market’s most iconic device which sports precise digital control system allowing you to customize your vaping sessions down to the littlest detail. The DaVinci IQ Herb Vape made its debut around October of 2016, its design was far ahead of its time that it was considered leaps and bounds better than almost every vaporizer in its class and it’s still regarded as one of the very best vaporizers in terms of innovation and technology to this very day. The DaVinci IQ is believed to have been one of the best devices ever made for dry herb consumption, the IQ revolutionized the way how we vape dry herbs strains, flowers, buds, and other loose-leaf materials by innovating the industry standard and by offering dry herb consumers with a vaporizer that perfectly balances classical elegance and contemporary technology – a modern masterpiece.


The IQ came from a lineage of vaporizers with a strong sense of masterful craftsmanship. The IQ, along with its brethren, are made by DaVinci, a Las Vegas-based vaporizer manufacturer who believes that like the Italian legend (Leonardo da Vinci) himself, they too can dramatically transform the very principles of vaping. By rethinking and reimagining the way we vaporize dry herbs, the people at DaVinci believe that they can reshape not only the market and the industry but most importantly the overall experience of vape users and cannabis consumers – both those who use cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. The folks at DaVinci find inspiration from the impossible, seeing a unique opportunity where others see implausibility.

DaVinci vapes are known not only for their superior craftsmanship but also for their innovative design and engineering, “using the finest components, or developing unique software” to put the users in total control of their vaping sessions giving them an experience that’s simply above the ordinary.

A History of Innovation

The vaporizer industry saw the rise of an industry leader, a pioneer of innovation. Like their namesake, DaVinci as a vaporizer manufacturer is seen as the visionary master of artistic and technological workmanship whose skillful handiwork led others to experience an unprecedented level of vaping experience. It’s one of the most compelling reasons why DaVinci vapes have garnered a substantial number of followers.

Vaporizer after vaporizer, DaVinci products showcase an exponential account of its evolution and how they greatly affect the general vaporizer industry. DaVinci remained strong and kept a foothold in an ever-changing industry by keeping up, if not setting and changing the trends on the vaporizer market. They’re known for their cutting-edge devices that never fall short in terms of sporting the most up-to-date vaporizer technology and featuring components of the highest quality — where even the fussiest and fastidious vaporizer connoisseur would find great satisfaction.

The IQ – DaVinci’s Masterpiece

The IQ is one of DaVinci’s most sought after vaporizer unit. It boasts some of the best vape tech like the smart path technology which is based on the idea that every temperature level facilitates a different effect from both the vaporizer and the dry herb material. This feature creates a unique environment where the DaVinci IQ starts by heating up the herbs from the lowest temperature profile and gradually increases the heat levels during the entire course of one’s vaping session. Because the DaVinci IQ starts your vaping sessions at a much cooler temperature level, you’re sure to enjoy all the different benefits from your materials which makes for a complete and wholistic vaping experience. DaVinci’s smart path ensures that you’ll always get the most out of your materials allowing you to enjoy and explore new flavors, aromas, and efficacy – something you’ll never get from the average vaporizer.

While the smart path is a solid route to the ultimate vaping experience, it can still be fine-tuned based on your vaping preference. It can easily be altered and modified to adapt to your ever-changing need, thanks to the downloadable DaVinci IQ app, you can easily personalize not only the temperature profile but also the duration of the time before the next temperature level kicks in. The Bluetooth application also allows you to turn on your vaporizer from your mobile phone or tablet as well as activating several features like the DaVinci IQ’s “stealth” mode which dims the IQ’s lights for a more discreet session which also saves the battery life, prolonging your vaping sessions – pretty much like what you’d do on your phone to extend the battery life.

The IQ is simply DaVinci’s magnum opus, a fine masterpiece and shows how brilliant the folks behind DaVinci’s R&D team are. The DaVinci IQ helps vaporizer enthusiasts and dry herb aficionados explore and unlock the true power and the full potential of their favorite dried cannabis strains.

Arguably the Best Brand on the Market

As a vaporizer user myself, I have been following the trends in the vaporizer industry and I can attest to the lasting quality of DaVinci Portable Vaporizers and their technological value time and time again. No other vaporizer manufacturer ever came close to what DaVinci has achieved, the prestigious “Spannabis” held in Barcelona, Spain last year (2017) was the ultimate testament to DaVinci’s dedication to their craft.

“Spannabis” is one of Spain’s most celebrated annual cannabis event which takes place in Fira de Cornella in Barcelona. Last year’s competition saw over 500 brands who competed for this coveted award where DaVinci’s IQ won “Best Product.” Honestly, even without the said award I still believe that DaVinci is one of the best vaporizer brands on the market today. Their vaporizers specialize in delivering unparalleled purity, innovation, and control. The IQ vaporizer only cements DaVinci’s name as one of the best vaporizer manufacturers with well over thousands of high-quality vaporizers produced over the years. The DaVinci IQ makes for one of the smoothest looking and feeling vaporizer ever to be made.

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