Does CBD vape juice get you high?

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cbd vape juice high

There are many methods of drugs consumption, but vaping has seen a lot of recognition in the recent past. In fact, nowadays, a large number of substances are available in a form that can be conveniently inhaled and vaporized.

In this post, we will try to explore the important issues surrounding CBD vape juice and whether it can get you intoxicated or not.

A brief definition of CBD vape juice

CBD vape juice, more commonly known as CBD e-liquid or CBD vape oil, is a type of CBD infused product purposely made to be vaped. Unlike CBD tinctures or oils, these CBD vape juice is less viscous in appearance.

The vape oil comes in refill bottles or cartridges, depending on the device you prefer for vaporizing. More so, it comes in different dosages or measures, as per the consumers’ preferences.

The CBD content in any vape juice can be calculated by using the total milligrams indicated in the cartridge or bottle. Usually, 300mg is considered to be the highest amount while 25mg is considered the lowest.

How is CBD oil vaped?

The first thing you need to have if you are considering vaping as your method of use is a vape gadget. Well, these kinds of gadgets usually come in two styles, the “tank-style vape” or the “pen vape.”

The vape devices comprise of four key components: a heating element, a battery, a chamber to put the concentrate to be vaped (in our case, CBD e-liquid) and a mouthpiece. The heating element heats up the vape oil in the chamber to the required vapor state.

According to a study conducted by BioMed Central, the best temperature to vaporize CBD ranges between 410°F to 446°F (210°C and 230°C), with the latter producing the highest CBD vapor concentration.

So, does CBD e-liquid get you high?

CBD is a compound naturally present in the cannabis plant. As you might be aware, the compound is non-psychoactive; and as a result, does not intoxicate. Actually, this may seem confusing as there are some CBD vape oils on the market which do intoxicate. However, it is good to understand that this psychoactive effect is usually dependent on where the CBD was derived: marijuana or hemp.

Both marijuana and hemp are cannabis plants and both contain CBD. The key difference between these two plants is the amounts of THC they carry. Hemp is known to have high CBD levels and low THC levels (less than 0.3%). 0.3% is a level which is legal and cannot create a high. On the other hand, the marijuana plant contains high amounts of THC. The amount of CBD in marijuana though depends on the strain used.

Vape juices containing CBD extracted from hemp do not create a high and are legal in the US. On the contrary, vape oils containing CBD extracted from marijuana are intoxicating and are only permissible mostly in the states where recreational use of marijuana is legal.

Therefore, if you need all the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plants and still wish to remain clear-headed, CBD vape oil extracted from hemp is the perfect option for you.

How long do the effects of using CBD e-liquid last?

Vaping CBD e liquid is favored over other consumption methods since it offers immediate effects. Basically, inhaling CBD into your lungs virtually shortens the times it takes to reach your bloodstream.

On the contrary, ingesting CBD will produce delayed effects as the chemicals have to pass through the digestive system, before reaching your bloodstream and liver for further metabolism.

The time for which the effects are felt in the body, though, is shorter when it comes to vaping and last-longer when the drug is consumed orally.


The debate as to whether CBD vape juice gets you intoxicated or not largely depends on the kind of the product you are purchasing.

To be safe, you should always purchase CBD vape juice from trustworthy manufacturers. Also, verify the contents of the oil before vaping to ensure it doesn’t contain the psychoactive THC, particularly if you one of those people who detests getting high.

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