CBD vaping: Getting the ultimate CBD effects from vape juice

By July 11, 2018Articles
cbd vaping

With the growing popularity of CBD vape products, consumers unfamiliar with vaping may be wondering on how to go about the whole process. Well, there is no specific way of using CBD in your e-cigarette or vape mode; however, in this post, we will try to explore some of the things you can do to get the ultimate CBD experience from vaping. If you are a fan of CBD vaping, check out this new product from soothe™.

First, let’s look at the common benefits of vaping CBD:

  • CBD vaping is easier on the lungs – With this kind of CBD consumption you less likely to develop coughs and other conditions associated with smoking.
  • Instance effects – Through vaping, CBD enter the body right away, and provide immediate relief when consumed for medical reasons.
  • It is easy to vape while even on the move – A vape pen is easy to carry and use whenever the need arises.
  • Vaporizing preserves more flavor
  • Vaporizing is more discreet – vaporizing does not produce as much smell as smoking does.

Understanding the key aspects of CBD vaping

Even if you have never held an e-cig or vape pen before, you are just a few steps away from enjoying a dose of CBD via a simple and convenient method known as vaping.

First off, it’s good to understand some vital aspects about CBD that will definitely help you better appreciate the convenience that comes with vaping. In fact, vaping is one of most reliable consumption method that guarantees you get an optimal serving. And as you might be aware, CBD consumption method greatly influences how much CBD enters your bloodstream.

There is something called bioavailability which is indeed relevant to our case (getting the ultimate effects of CBD from vaping). Usually, bioavailability refers to the proportion of CBD that enters the blood system when introduced to the body, and the consequent results it has on the consumer. With that in mind, on average, the bioavailability of CBD ranges from 15 percent for oral supplements like edibles and tinctures, all the way up to 60 percent for CBD vape juice.

Without a doubt, that is a considerable jump in absorption, and opting to vape CBD can guarantee significant effects to the user compared to other methods of intake; thanks to the manner in which CBD gets to the bloodstream.

Picture this; when you take CBD (for instance, orally), it has to go through the digestive systems with an aim of reaching the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The various filters and obstacles down the absorption route will probably reduce the potency and effectiveness of the original CBD dosage.

How to Vape CBD e-juice effectively

When you vaporize CBD, absorption is almost instant and you consume the utmost amount of CBD your body is able to process. From this, it’s understandable why the popularity of vaping has been soaring among the cannabis users.

Though many consumers still prefer taking CBD sublingually or just as a daily dietary supplement, those who have already tried vaping are finding it much more convenient, easier, and economical to get their daily dosage.

Besides that; how then do you know you have got the right temperature or wattage to vape CBD? Even though some materials and products require predetermined power levels, heat, and resistances to vaporize efficiently, CBD vaping products functions just the way traditional vape juice does. Those being said, you can enhance your vaping experience with this soothe™ Puff vaporizer.

Actually, while many brands manufacture additives or liquid CBD oil which can be mixed with your favorite vape juice, others are coming up with calculated doses already incorporated into their CBD e-liquid. Thus, vapers who are accustomed to the experience of using vape juice will probably not change anything.  They will simply incorporate the CBD into their daily regime while observing the dosage ratios.

While all this seems like a straightforward thing for the experienced consumers, this might not be the case especially for people who aren’t familiar with the sensation CBD vaping brings. In other words, what effects should new users expect?

There’s only one answer here; the learning curve to comprehend how to vape CBD or the effects CBD brings, will only require you to buy a vaping device and find a comfortable temperature that produces flavorsome and effective results. In simple terms, the more you vape, the more you will get to know what you like and how to enhance the outcome.

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