Where in the world is marijuana legalized?

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Where in the world is marijuana legalized?

The growing, using, and selling of cannabis is always about politics. This holds true in countries that have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana. The consequences of distributing the weed depend on the rules of the place.

However, marijuana is a plant that makes men and countries equal. Almost all benefit with marijuana whether it is used medically or recreationally. It is a billion-dollar business few if any, country/countries can ever ignore or deny.

Be that as it may, where in the world is the weed legalized? If it is allowed, what are the rules to follow? What kind of marijuana and how much is allowed?

Let’s probe the reasons these various countries have that made them decide and believe in the power of marijuana:


Since 2001, medical marijuana has been approved for use in Canada. Their hard-working and good-looking Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has been working hard to make cannabis legal in the whole country. If, and when this happens, Canada will be the first industrialized country to approve marijuana. An online dispensary in Ontario has really great products. Thinking ahead, people visiting Canada will be welcomed with coffee shops Amsterdam-styled where smoking weed is the main attraction.

The Netherlands

Of course, it’s the Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam that has embraced the use of the weed. Coffee shops that are friendly to the weed are all over the place where a toke can be had as long as you’re 18 and above.

Smoking outdoors is not a problem either as long as you don’t disturb the peace. The irony is that marijuana is not legally allowed in the Netherlands. However, the authorities have turned a blind eye to its consumption and distribution because of the large quantities of weed. Even funnier are the coffee shops that are officially permitted to tolerate marijuana smoking.

The United States of America

Recreational marijuana has been legalized by states such as The District of Columbia, Alaska, Massachusetts, Nevada, Washington, California, Maine, Oregon, and Colorado. There’s even a drive-through dispensary for marijuana in Parachute, Colorado, the first of its kind in the country.


Gaining access to medical marijuana in Australia is legal only if you’re “seriously sick”. Otherwise, strict laws govern the use of medical marijuana that has to be outsourced outside the country. That rule may change soon with the passage of new laws to allow marijuana growing in the country.

Czech Republic

Growing and selling medical marijuana is illegal in the Czech Republic. However, carrying 15 grams of medical marijuana for personal use is legal. The drug laws are very relaxed, however, with a marijuana culture booming in big cities such as Prague. This means you can readily buy and use marijuana secretly in the Czech Republic.


Consuming medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Germany. Medical insurance even covers with prescriptions that can be picked up at any pharmacy. There’s a fine for recreational marijuana but it is not considered as breaking the law.


The possession of small quantities of weed is not a criminal act in Switzerland. Yet, it is considered a crime when you grow, use, and sell marijuana. The only legalized marijuana in the country that can be used and sold is the “C-Pure”. This strain of marijuana contains THC that is less than 1 percent. If the police question your stuff, you can always claim its “C-Pure” for it perfectly matches the look of the weed that contains high levels of THC.

North Korea

The country that usually hogs world headlines wholeheartedly approves cultivating, using, and selling of marijuana. In fact, the sky’s the limit for you are allowed to plant as many as you can. Marijuana is so common in North Korea your $6 can purchase a kilo of it. Visitors have seen grocery bags filled with weed with people just rolling and smoking them in public.


Possessing marijuana and other drugs are not considered illegal as long as it’s for personal consumption. However, possessing large amounts than what would consist of normal use can slap you a big fine including jail time. This unique law has actually lessened the use of hard drugs in the country.


The land of pasta considers marijuana legal if it’s used for religious or medical reasons. It becomes illegal when it is for personal consumption. Even a small amount of weed that is meant for personal consumption is a misdemeanor. Yet, first-time offenders get off lightly by paying a small fine or given a lecture.


It is not seen as a criminal act if you smoke your marijuana privately. It’s another story when you do it publicly. Getting caught will set you back $270 as fine with a lecture to make you understand the new policy concerning marijuana.


Complex and hazy are the laws of Spain concerning marijuana. You’re free from a criminal act if you grow and consume your own marijuana. It is also fine if you smoke it privately. However, authorities start frowning when you think about distributing them. Currently, there are 800 clubs in the country that allow cannabis smoking within their premises. You have to meet certain requirements to become a member. One is to live locally and the other is to comply with all the necessary paperwork.


The image of cannabis and Jamaica has always been linked together. Yet, decriminalizing the consumption of marijuana has only been recent. Medical use of marijuana has now become legal with recreational marijuana allowed in small amounts. Only adults are allowed. It is only the religious group called Rastafari that is exempted and protected by this law. It seems that their consumption of marijuana is closely associated with their religious practices and rituals.


Medical marijuana has recently received the stamp of approval in Argentina. The best is yet to come with medical marijuana given free to people who need them. This was mainly due to the efforts of 136 families who asked their government to legalize the drug to treat their children afflicted with autism, epilepsy, and other serious medical conditions.

In closing

Marijuana, whether recreational or medicinal has become a publicized topic everywhere in the world. The ancients’ belief in its medicinal qualities has carried over to our modern times as it should have been and should be. Make sure you also check out the online dispensary in Edmonton. Detractors may deny, bluster, and get angry but the facts concerning health benefits reaped by users of medical marijuana are a testament to the wonder plant.

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