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Manufacturer’s can focus on making high quality vapes. While we can focus on presenting your vaporizers to make them appealing to our distributors in the USA and Europe. We ask manufacturer’s to offer us the b est possible price for their vaporizers.

Then we add our margin onto the manufacturer’s price. This is the price we offer to our distributors. We take a small margin so the distributor still receives an attractive price. This in turn increases our chances of making a sale.


We show our distributors our vaporizer video reviews. If they like the vaporizer we speak with them about the profit margin for the vaporizer models. If the figures work for them they often request a free sample.

Then the distributor looks to place a small order of say several hundred units. They then test to see how the vaporizers sell. If they sell well they look to place a second order which is normally much larger.

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Increase Sales to Large Distributors

No more sending hundreds of emails to potential customers. We will promote your vapes on social media and we will reach out to all major retailers.

We have a large network of distributors across the USA and Europe. This has been built through developing relationships with leading vaporizer distributors since 1996. These companies get offered many vaporizer models so standing out in the crowd is the key. We can help you to maximize your chance of selling to these vaporizer distributors who have hundreds of wholesalers in their network.

Save Time

You can reduce the time you spend trying to sell to the hundreds of potential vaporizer sellers. All you need to do is provide us with a free sample and we will create a promotion video on our You Tube Channel. The free promotion you will receive will more than pay for the cost for you to send us a sample.

Just Send Us A Vaporizer Sample

Then our video reviewer will create a high quality video. We show our distributors the video, if they like the vaporizer we provide them with the cost and retail price. If the figures work for them they normally ask for us to send them a free sample. Normally they will do business with us providing the sample is up to standard. We put you in touch with the distributor and they place an order. After you have sent the stock and received the money from our client. We invoice you for a small fee for setting up the deal.

Thanks for offering an amazing free service. Was happy with the sales we made to large distributors.

Liu Wei

They quickly made sales to large distributors and made my life much easier. Would highly recommend this service to any manufacturer.

Zhang Lei

Not an easy job selling to the large vape distributors. So was glad to get VaporizerBroker.com to take care of selling our vaporizers to some big distributors. That exceeded our expectations and we will work with them in the future.

Derek Jun

Quite apart from its commercial appeal, by offering an extensive range of products, the website has the added benefit of actively promoting our products throughout the world; including the States, where our products are not always well known

D. GoldSchneider

Vaporizer Broker have been intrinsic to the success of our business. They provide excellent service and can turn things around for us on short notice. The staff are all very polite and punctual. They have made mine and my store’s life a lot easier.

Andrew Shield

You can see the clients we are working with at the bottom of this page. If you would like to sell your vaporizers with our free vaporizer brokerage service or buy any of the vaporizers listed please contact us.

Vaporizer Broker Clients

We are currently working with these vaporizer manufacturers as they offer high quality vaporizers with impressive profit margins for our vaporizer distributors. Our goal is to offer unique, innovative, quality vaporizers which allow our distributors to maximize sales and profit.

This is an important part of the wholesale process. You send us a  vaporizer sample and our video reviewer will publish it to our popular You tube channel.

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